Our virtual sessions are here to stay!


Here's how we are going to keep you safe, accountable and feeling good about yourself!


We all know that fitness plays a huge role on your mental health and that's why we have many class options for you to choose from! When you complete a workout, you always feel better than you did before and that effect can have a lasting impression. It can help reduce stress, clear your head, increase your strength and confidence and even though the sessions are virtual, it allows you to connect with other women who are also striving for a healthy body & mindset.

You can choose from any or all of these sessions:


 ✓Pound Express


 ✓Arms & Abs



You will receive a nutrition plan that will be mainly dairy, gluten, refined-sugar and guilt free and full of nutritious, delicious ingredients that you and your Family will love. They are quick and filled with macronutrients, ensuring that you are keeping your body full and satisfied. We want to show you that you can have a balance between broccoli and wine ;) Let’s live unrestrictively!


  ✓Grocery List

  ✓Additional Recipes



Mindset is everything! We here at Perfectly Fit believe that the only thing getting in your way is YOURSELF. When you commit to working on your mindset, you will start to develop healthy habits and routines that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. We'll show you how to practice self-care and encourage you to discover yourself from within. 


   ✓Daily Affirmations



   ✓Mindset/Self-Care Challenges and Support




We are stronger together as a tribe of women who support and motivate each other. We have created a private Facebook group for our members throughout this session because we want to connect with and encourage you every single day. We want to create a space that you can share your successes, your good and hard days and we want you to know that you have a shoulder (or many) to lean on when you need to. Because let’s face it. We need all of the support that we can get!  


This will help hold you accountable, especially on the days that you need it most!

Here are some benefits to joining this group:

   ✓Accountability, Mind & Movement Challenges

   ✓Yoga/Stretching sessions

   ✓Powerful Quotes and Daily Motivation

   ✓Coaching Support 24/7