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"I would encourage anyone to just try one class"

Denise is a true gem. There are very few people in life that have this much passion for their work, and she is one of those people. She is dedicated to what she does, and her love for fitness rubs off on all of us in her class. Her uplifting spirit keeps us motivated and loving every moment of the class.


I would encourage anyone to just try one class, and you see what we are all talking about.



"I'm finally back to the shape I was pre-children..."


I've always tended to lean toward aerobic/zumba type fitness classes but thanks to Denise, I've discovered a new fitness love. I truly enjoy seeing the benefits of taking some focussed time to sculpt a nicer/fitter/tighter looking body through her boot camp classes. She's played a critical role in helping me prepare for and succeed in completing my first Spartan race. Thanks to her classes, I'm finally back to the shape I was pre-children, and am loving the way I look and feel.


-Monica Lamoureux


"I would highly recommend this class to people of all ages and fitness levels."

I never thought exercise could be fun, but from the moment I started Denise's bootcamp, I realized this was a different kind of exercise class.  I still sweat and curse and hurt, sure, but being with such a great group of women, sharing and laughing about our efforts, and having Denise to guide and push us and laugh right along with us, makes it all enjoyable somehow.  I would highly recommend this class to people of all ages and fitness levels.  I started out barely able to lift my own weight, and now I can actually support myself a few levels across the monkey bars! 


-Lisa Rogers

"I gained so much more energy and I'm not as tired anymore"

My goals were to gain strength, flexibility and lose weight and these goals were accomplished working with Denise just twice a week.  I noticed within a couple of weeks that I was already starting to achieve these goals.  I was having back and shoulder pain and now I’m not experiencing the pain anymore.  Being a Mom of two small children, I gained so much more energy and I'm not as tired anymore.


I am the type of person who does not enjoy going to the gym.  I enjoyed the variety of exercises that targeted my entire body and found that Denise gave me more options and challenged me. The exercises are not repetitive and I feel when I leave your session, that I’ve had a full body workout.


I would most definitely recommend Denise to other women because I have fun, get a great workout and the price is very reasonable.

-Sinem St. Jean


"I would absolutely recommend training with Denise "

I wanted the obvious…to lose weight and inches, to feel stronger and to overall feel good about myself.  Denise pushed me to my absolute maximum and had a way of knowing when I could take more and when enough was enough.


Her training methods were always different and was always looking for fun new ways to work out every muscle.  I would absolutely recommend training with Denise because she gave me everything and more that I was looking for in a trainer. 


-Joanne Marrison


"I LOVE that the bootcamp is outside during the summer."




Denise is a very creative, energetic and fun instructor.  She is an excellent motivator and gives each member individual guidance.  She is easy to approach. Also you can tell she is very passionate about what she does and it shows through when she teaches.


Besides the challenge, I LOVE that the bootcamp is outside during the summer. Denise incorporates several aspects of the park into our bootcamp routines, so you never know what to expect. Also the class size is more intimate. Taking this class and being more active has made me feel better about myself.


She uses a variety of different elements to make each bootcamp fun and unique. Denise comes around to guide each of us individually making sure we are using the proper technique and position, which is important for me, since this is my first time ever taking a fitness class. Also, I enjoy that she offers several levels of intensity for each exercise we do, this allows newbies like me to follow at our own pace, and more advanced members to be challenged.


-Jodi Ouelette